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YouthSave Project Launches New Website

November 23, 2010, Washington, D.C. - One-third of the global population is under the age of 19, but less than ten percent have access to financial services. Recognizing the important social, economic and behavioral impacts that access to tailored savings and asset-building tools have on youth's opportunities to prosper, YouthSave - a consortium of youth and microfinance focused NGOs - today launched is an online resource dedicated to the experiences and research of the YouthSave Project, as well as broader information on youth savings accounts around the globe.

Save the Children and Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. Launch YouthSave Project

*This press release was originally distributed by Save the Children

November 2, 2010, Kathmandu, Nepal - An agreement was signed between Save the Children and Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. today; formally launching the YouthSave project in Nepal. Mr. Brian J. Hunter, Country Director of Save the Children, and Mr. Ajay Shrestha, Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Kathmandu Ltd., signed on the agreement.

Press Release: Nueva Investigación de Save the Children Demuestra Que los Adolescentes de Países Pobres Quieren Ahorrar Más Dinero

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

“La percepción es que los adolescentes que viven en situación de pobreza (es decir, con menos de dos dólares diarios) no tienen dinero, y mucho menos dinero para ahorrar,” afirmó Rani Deshpande, directora del programa YouthSave de Save the Children, que realizó el estudio sobre el ahorro de los jóvenes. “Sorprendentemente, nuestra investigación demuestra que eso no es cierto”.


CGAP Blog Cross-Posted at the Global Assets Project

April 22, 2011: The Global Assets Project at the New America Foundation recently cross-posted Anya Maria Mayans piece on their blog, the Ladder. Ms. Mayans, a member of the YouthSave Consortium and CGAP consultant, recently wrote "Innovating in Financial Capability - the CFSI Awards and the Next Generation of Creative Interventions." Click here to read her full blog post.  

YouthSave Hosts its First Multi-Stakeholder Meeting

February 14, 2011: The YouthSave Consortium, Expert Advisory Board (EAB) and partnering Financial Institution (FI) representatives from Project countries came together in Bogota, Colombia for a two-day learning exchange. The objectives of this meeting were two-fold: 1) to share YouthSave project progress and updates with our partners and EAB members and 2) to exchange lessons and engage our stakeholders on topics that can improve YouthSave’s efforts in developing, delivering and testing youth savings products targeted at low-income youth. Featured on the YFS Link Portal

January 31, 2011: Making Cents International has made a featured resource on its YFS Link Portal. Click here to read the full article.

The MasterCard Foundation and WSBI Share YouthSave Podcast

May 13, 2011: Recently, The MasterCard Foundation's, Paula Tjossem, blogged about YouthSave's podcast, "Youth Savings: Challenges and Opportunities in Product Development and Delivery." Click here to check it out. Additionally, Anne-Francoise Lefevre's, YouthSave board member and one of the featured interviewees in the podcast, wrote about the podcast on the World Savings Banks Institutue (WSBI) blog, which was reposted to their youtube channel.

YouthSave Publishes FAQ on Youth Savings Accounts

May 31, 2011: As development analysts and practitioners increasingly look to savings as a potential tool to spur development and financial inclusion among low-income youth1 in developing countries, this FAQ is meant to provide a basic overview of a relatively new area of inquiry and practice: youth savings accounts (YSAs). Click here to download the publication.